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WoW Leveling Locations – Where Can You Level In WoW?

Finding the ideal WoW leveling locations is not something difficult. You can level up in plenty of places throughout the game. They work pretty good, so you just need to discover which suits you the best.

Rather than telling you every zone where you ought to be for a specific level range, I will show you what leveling places you’ve got available in general. There’s more than 1 way to progress in the game and you’ll see them here.


Players choose this method of advancing since it is also possible to get Gathering professions and earn some cash also. If you know your way round the quests in WoW or you’re using a leveling guide, this method will prove to be the quickest yet.


This is just another of the fairly good WoW leveling places, it is just it is boring. In case you have Heirloom things on you than it’s worth it. Even though it is going to be harder and harder to acquire a new level as soon as you advance.


Since Dungeon Finder has been implemented, leveling through cases is now a very fun way to get to the level cap. You will not have trouble with things because you get blue loot in the directors from the dungeons and till level 70, you also receive a sack which comprises a blue item every time you complete an instance.


And winning a BG may prove to be difficult, because you go up against players who know what they’re doing.

In wide, these will be the WoW leveling places you should check into. I suggest using quests to level up as it’s the simplest way. If you’re fed up with quests and the tranquility that typically accompanies them, then Battlegrounds is likely where you’d want to be. Just be certain you join matches in that you do not possess the minimum level. If you do, you’ll be immediately defeated by enemy Rogues and that is going to get to be very annoying.

As a tank or healer you’ll receive groups pretty fast so that you won’t need to wait in the queue for quite long.

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