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What Defines a Gamer?

There are many definitions to explain what a player is. I’ve heard a lot, and I agree with most of them. Just like the holidays in life come in different levels and stages, habits and trends. This is a philosophical question in my opinion, there is no right or wrong answer, I usually hear that in every answer there is some logic. Some people think that even in their spare time, that they are players, I also agree. You have been the owner of some type of video game console since the beginning of the day.
Yours is the lock to be a player. The first to open tents are to check out the latest game, or even better, to camp overnight at your own pace. Player! Hitting more than once, looking for things you missed last time, makes you a player. Some people play sports, others just play the maiden, they are also players. I’ve heard that those who play Xbox 360 and PS3 call the Wii a toy, and anyone who plays it on their main console is not a gamer. I have to agree with that.

Personally, I think the PS3 is better than the Wii in general. I also think Nintendo won on the Wii, ran on it, and has yet to slow down. All I can say is that Nintendo is better than a company in recent years. I also heard that PC gamers refer to all game consoles as toys, everyone’s opinion right? Last but not least, we don’t have “No Lifers”. They live to play video games every day of every year. They are the gladiators of video games.
Some are tougher, some are more comfortable, some play for perfection, some play a particular niche in the game, others spill the blood of video games. There are countless other definitions and I agree with all of them. If you play enough video games to feel like a gamer, regardless of your skill level, time investment, or whatever else, who am I to be different from you? There are parties What is your definition of player?

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