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Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks Tactics

There is a lot happening between catches, like fighting in the center of the area, yields of flags, less gifted players without a resilience grabbing the flag simply to get demolished at another, you know, things of this character.

An excellent WSG & TP strategy that consistently works (well, it is always great ) is to get your whole team opting to your enemy flag at the start of a match, and then on the way back dividing together with your group’s flag carrier and two of your teammates, then have all of your team’s DPSers go retrieve your group’s flag, although your team’s flag carrier and two Trainers remain as far away as possible from the team of favorable DPSers and enemy group. Whether this approach is implemented properly, odds are extremely high you will catch a success. The philosophy is to group success as you can, and harm as yet another. Your flag carrier along with the 2 healers is survival, so they will have the time to call for backup before they get overrun with opponents, along with the DPS team will come to aid them. The harm group is purely harm and CC.

Back in PuG (pick up group) Battlegrounds, you do not wish to struggle in the center, however at Rated Battlegrounds, on the other hand, you occasionally get delegated to narrow their numbers from the center, often as soon as the enemy is collecting around prepare for an assault in your group’s flag carrier(he who retains the enemies flag).

You shouldn’t ever really go anywhere alone, in case you’ve expired, then ensure your group (whatever you’re delegated to) accumulates close to the graveyard prior to going anywhere. It is not worth getting beat yourself up in the center of the area since you’re hoping to achieve a different one of your group’s group.

When you move as a set of DPSers to recover your group’s flag, ensure you open with CC about the ones that you’re not nuking. You must always start with nuking the healers simply because they likely have a good deal of defensive cooldowns they can utilize on the tank. Before beginning to nuke these healers, your whole team should concentrate on CCing the folks around you at all possible. You then start nuking, and throughout your nuke, CC anybody who breaks loose from an older CC if you’re able to.

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