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Warcraft 3 Custom Map “DOTA” Fastest Growing Competitive Online Game

Dota (Defense of the Ancient) is a third-person multiplayer action strategy. The game that emerges is a real person strategy consisting of basic and diverse unit building structures. There are heroes in the normal game, but with them is the army you build using your resources. Defending the ancients is a very different game. He is a strict auto army based hero who has been groomed for both teams. Each team consists of up to five players.
The most competitive points are five against five. Each team has one input with three inputs (middle, top, and bottom). At each entrance, the pieces of the troops are called “hairs on end” and are dispatched to an enemy base. Then your hero follows you and the idea is to enter the enemy base and eliminate it. These are the basic principles of the game, but there is more that can be done throughout the game. At the beginning of each game, the host can choose the game mode.
There are many game modes, the most common is Alpaca or Allrendum.

DOTA has over 90 heroes to choose from, and allows for many different team combinations. Each hero has a unique set of abilities that can be combined throughout the game gaining experience. One of the best components of DOTA is the variety of hero combinations and the number of weapons you can buy. Each hero has a special class: strength, agility, and intelligence, and the amount of each type of status point varies from hero to hero. The possibility of trying new diamonds with different weapons cannot be eliminated in practice.
Dota is a very competitive game and anyone who wants to get involved in the game is fast, and each team you play is full of different possibilities. I have personally logged over 200 hours with this game in the past two years. All you have to do is buy “Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos” and then buy the “Frozen Throne” expansion pack. I hope to work with you soon!

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