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Video Game Testing – Is it Really That Hard?

You know what really drives me nuts from what everyone has been saying lately about video game testing. Don’t think so. These people don’t say, “Oh, trying video games is the easiest thing in the world and it will make you rich. ” Now I clearly don’t agree with them, but that’s not what’s been bothering me for the past two days. Let me first give you some background information. I’m not a video game testing guru who makes a lot of money, like most of the affiliates you want them to think about. I’m just an average video game tester with enough money to support myself. I make my own times and I am my own boss. I love video games, and I look forward to trying and using them to get out of there. One day I really want to design a game that everyone reading this article plays every day. If you want to be a video game tester, but don’t like video games, stop reading this article now.
Get back to work for your boss who doesn’t appreciate your effort. This industry is only for those who like to play. What this article is really about, what people say about it has infuriated me. Now I have a college-level friend who’s a wash boy for an auto dealer. Right now you are only getting the minimum wage. You have to work fifty hours a week, without overtime. His boss drives him crazy, and now he’s working every day on season zero. Oh, did I mention that I was only earning the minimum wage! What drives me crazy is that I’m reading tons and tons of articles about how difficult the video game test is, when I just want to ask people: what about you? Have you never had a real job before? I mean, come on, are you making your own time sitting inside your comfortable home, while playing video games is really hard? Of course, no. Only those who find it difficult are unwilling to work. Don’t let anyone know that you’re commenting all day on Facebook and that the answers to Yahoo’s answer questions tell you what’s hard and what’s not. I can tell you now that while my friend is out working hours in the cold, I can only find bugs in the comfort of my own home video games.

It can be boring, I know, but I think that’s where you should choose. As I see it, everyone reading this article wants to be a video game tester. Option One: You agree with lazy people around the world who think an ounce of work is too much work. Or option number two: find out for yourself. You can quit before you start, or you can try. What do you have to lose? My answer to that is not much. I mean you may have to pay around Rs 30 or Rs 40 to sign up, but you will pay it on your first job. I think most places, or at least the place I recommend, offer a money back guarantee if you don’t get a job within the first 30 days. You have nothing to lose and much to win.

For those who choose option number two. I suggest that you do all the hard work for yourself for a company, so that you can work on important things like playing sports.
I really like Elite Game Tester. They are legitimate and if you want to try them, just go to [http://myplayvideogames. com]. This website will have more information, as well as a link to Elite Game Tester. For more random information about video game testing please check out my Shield Lens at http://www. squidoo. com/Video-games-How-to-become-a-video-game-tester? Oh yes, and I have many other articles on video game testing. Be sure to take a look. That’s all, and remember, don’t give up on this business. If other people can earn money that way, you


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