The computer worm and the different options to eliminate it

The computer worm and the different options to eliminate it

Today at innovonews we will talk about the computer worm, the way in which they access a computer and what measures we can take to eliminate it.

Day by day these computer viruses replicate themselves and spread on computers or through computer networks. This type of computer virus is a malicious software program , that is, a malware that can replicate itself on computers, using the automatic parts of an operating system without the user realizing that his computer is infected.

Computer worms, like every copy of a computer virus , can also reproduce. This means that infections that are inserted into a computer can spread very quickly. Computer worms spread in different ways:

  • Files sent as email attachments
  • A link to a web resource
  • A link sent in an ICQ message
  • P2P file sharing networks
  • Most computer worms can exploit network configuration errors or exploit security holes in the operating system.

Computer worms can reproduce in networks through different methods

To prevent the access of computer worms to the computer, it is advisable to install antimalware software on the different devices that a user may have, such as; Desktop computers, laptops, Mac computers and Smartphones.

Antimalware software must be updated frequently to protect the computer against the latest threats.

This type of computer program adds different products such as: Kaspersky Anti-Virus is an excellent anti-malware software product that detects and prevents virus and worm infections on a computer. Another anti-malware software product is Kaspersky Internet Security for Android for the protection of Android smartphones. Once the computer worms have been detected and eliminated, the equipment is completely safe for normal computer use.

To avoid this type of computer virus, we must be careful with file sharing networks and suspicious attachments or links. We must also keep the antivirus protection that we have installed on our computer up to date, through a firewall.

There is a subclass of malicious software programs viruses and worms which are:  Email-Worm , IM-Worm , IRC-Worm , Net-Worm and  P2P-Worm .

Now that you know how to remove this type of computer virus,

The next step you should take is to decide to invest your time in applying an antivirus protection plan to your computer. In this way you can protect it for a longer period of time.

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