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Geist of Saint Traft (MTG Innistrad Spoiler for Standard Decks)

Initially when i first saw Geist of Saint Traft (GST) I had been very impressed, I am talking about the number of cards are available in like a 2/2 for several mana with defense against spells and talents that the opponent controls or even more to put it simply, hexproof. GST does not hold on there using its strong ability it unleashes a 4/4 flying angel whenever he attacks. Just when was the final time you can say a 3 drop could perform a massive six damage?Otherwise this could happen.

Turn 1: drop blue

Turn 2: drop white-colored and cast Recognition from the Pure

Turn 3: drop white-colored and cast Geist of Saint Traft

Turn 4: Cast another Recognition from the Pure and submit GST creating his protector angel and pulling off an enormous 10 damage.

Turn 5: Attack and do another 10 damage. Opponent worked within five turns.

The other players might set up some obstacles however the principle can there be and a straightforward Galvanic Blast or Arc Trail still will not have the ability to stop GST. He can not be drawn on, controlled or blasted making them very harmful.
The astonishing factor is by using hexproof is it prevents him from being targeted from your opponent but you may still target him. There’s a host of choices are available to benefit from this ability. You are able to run red and drop a Goblin Tunneler in to the mix making GST unblockable whenever he attacks. Neurok Invisimancer makes him unblockable for just one turn. Equipment is a superb friend of GST. Nim Deathmantle turns GST in to the walking dead but more to the point gives him 2 2 and intimidate making them bigger and far harder to bar. In case your opponent does kill him, pay four mana and that he goes during the battlefield pumped up are you looking for action. Strider Harness may also lead him to harder to kill having a small power/toughness boost along with a surprise attack using haste.

Obviously, you are able to equip him and among the mythic Swords. The Swords turn any creature right into a major threat. Also, you are able to play removal spells to obvious the way in which for GST to fight unimpeded. Spells like Dismember, Vapor Snag, and Arrest can cope with opposing blockers. Creatures like Blinding Souleater can tap annoying creatures. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite shrinks the other person’s creatures while boosting GST and the protector angel. I can tell this card as being a big favorite among players running blue/white-colored decks. These decks could be built around Geist of Saint Traft by providing him as numerous methods to stay alive during combat in order to continue attacking together with his 4/4 protector angel.

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