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Be a Home Video Game Tester Just Like Me!

A home video game tester is like this, some industries like Microsoft pay them to test their games before they launch on the open market. The gaming industry is growing exponentially every year, and new video game testers are needed to help with the ever-increasing demand for video games. When you become a home video game tester, you can choose what kind of game you want to try, for example if you are only interested in Xbox 360 first person shooter games, no problem, not get sent to test. They want you to love your job, so you must make decisions. Why do they want you to love your job? Because they trust you to tell them that there is a problem with their latest game that costs millions of dollars before they can be released to the public. If you really want to become a home video game tester, it is important to join a group of video game testers and professionals in the business, this is important because, for example, with a community where you generally have access to more than 50 game companies on the books, so they are always full of work.
The gaming industry as a business is rock solid, here are some interesting statistics, over 60% of online players are women. Most players are between 25 and 54 years old. More than half have a family income of more than 50. 40% have university studies. More than 60% are married. Significantly, over 80% of this market has made online purchases in the last 6 months.

This represents an important potential place for advertisers to use it for marketing purposes, be it in-game ads or website ads. Stephen Smith of Fresh Games reports that 75% of Fresh Games buyers are women. Dunn Maggie of Real Arcade reports that 65% of her clients are women, and more than 90% of clients (paying buyers) are over 30 years old. So what these statistics tell us is that the gaming market continues to grow, which means that more and more game testers are needed every year, making it easier than ever to become a home video game tester. Happens. As soon as you sign up to become a home video game tester, you will learn everything you need to know to get started and you will always have a support group around you to help you.
And most importantly, make sure you have as much work as possible. Becoming a home video tester is a great career, if it looks like your interest in the advice is going to go for it, but just make sure you do it right and join a professional program. Am!

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