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Alliance Leveling Guide – The Things I Like And Don’t Like About Guides

With an Alliance leveling guide, for your 1-85 degree range, is a fairly good idea. I’ve been using a leveling guide for a while now and have come to realize a few things about them. I decided to share them with other people, so that they may find it helpful and help them decide whether to get one or not.

Using an Alliance leveling guide can make the trip from level 1 to 85 fairly quickly. However, you need to understand something here. When a manual says you can get to the level cap in under 5 days, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will level your character in 4 days or such. Which is the number of minutes or hours that your personality has been online. In fact, it may take you anywhere from three weeks to three months. It is dependent upon how much you play that character every day.

1. It’s quite easy to install and follow in-game.

– Guides now are completely in-game and very lively.

2. The leveling route is very well put together.

– In order to get a leveling guide to be helpful, it has to organize the quests in a particular order that permits you to complete more of these in less time. Going to the same place several times to finish quests is only a waste of time.

3. It teaches you about wow.

– Besides assisting you to level, a fantastic guide will also let you know when you should receive your mount and where and give you tips on which factions you need to get reputation with etc. So that you can find out a lot about the game simply with a fantastic guide.

4. A manual will keep you focused.

– My primary problem with WoW was that it had so much material that I typically began doing other stuff as opposed to level. Well with a guide which won’t happen as you’ll need it to follow and focus on.

And now for what I do not like about using an Alliance leveling guide.


In worst cases, your game may even freeze up because of these.

2. They do not possess a complete and continuous path.

– In the guides I used, you had to pick the area you wish to level in next. Seeing as most of these have several choices, it would’ve been better if the manual just told you that is better.

These are pretty much the positive and negative pieces of utilizing an Alliance manual from my viewpoint.

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